Report on Spring Camporee at Boyhaven

Scout-made rope bridge was key to "prison" escapes -- (more photos from the Camporee are up in the Photos section of the website)

Here’s  a short report on some highlights of this weekend’s District Camporee from adult leader Dan Lacey:

Twenty-four (24) Scouts and 11 adults from our Troop attended the event at Camp Boyhaven. The boys had a GREAT time, particularly during the main event, “Extreme Capture the Flag”, and all of the activities surrounding it. Scout skills were put to use throughout the events on Saturday. With a 23 page “Army Field Manual” just to explain all the rules and procedures, some of us wondered if it would all be too complicated to go well. The boys, however, totaling nearly 300 strong and split into four “Armies”, just looked at it as FUN and learned all the rest as they went.

In the midst of it all, each army put their pioneering skills to use and built a monkey bridge to enable them to cross the moat surrounding the prison and back to their own territory, and a guard tower to protect their army’s banner. A couple of trebuchets (a type of catapult) were even built to launch water bags at the other armies’ target flags.

Other activities occurring between rounds of capture the flag involved fire building, compass work, search and rescue, message relay race, commando ravine crossing, raging river crossing, bucket brigade, log sawing, and an “Iron Chef” style cooking contest run by David Croteau!

Saturday evening included an awards ceremony and ended with the Order of the Arrow Call-Out ceremony.

As most of the boys were up by 6am Saturday morning, and with all of that activity, it is safe to say the Scouts (and the adults) were ready for some sleep Saturday night!

We packed up the camp Sunday morning after breakfast and were back to Shen UMC by 12:30 this afternoon. Thanks to everyone for helping to put on this terrific outing.