2012 spring Camporee

The 2012 Saratoga district Camporee takes place on May 18-20 at Camp Boyhaven. Activities will consist of Ultimate Capture the Flag, multi-team, multi-flag, multi-round with phalanxes, minefields, dynamic salients, MASH units, escapee tunnels, rope bridges, AND MORE! Reconnoiter enemy encampments, search and recovery ops, cooking contest, overland relay, banner competition, AND, an Order of the Arrow callout!

The 2012 Spaghetti Dinner Review

The spaghetti dinner turned out really well. This is one of Troop 45’s major fund raisers and the event was a complete success! An addition to the spaghetti dinner was the auction. Congratulations to the prizewinners and thank you to the people who donated a prize.