Welcome New Scouts and Parents!

We are extremely pleased to say hello the many new Scouts who have crossed over  or transferred into Troop 45 in the last few weeks.   2011 will be a great year,  and we look forward to many Scouting events and turning new faces into old friends!

We’d also like to welcome our newest Uniformed Leaders and Committee Members: Mike Richardson, Eileen Pettis and Matt Raciti.  Thank you for sharing your time and energy to help support the troop!

(And it’s never too late to lend a hand.  Let us know if you’re interested in helping as a uniformed leader or committee member.  There are several openings that we do need to fill as Scouts — and their parents – age out.  Please see anyone on the committee or any leader even if you’re just interested in more information.)

Finally, as always, if  you have any questions about anything — especially with so many spring and summer events approaching, please ask any leader or committee member.


Clash of the Colours!!!






Saratoga District
2011 Spring Camporee

Camp Boyhaven
May 20-22, 2011

Events and Competition

Extreme Capture the Flag: multi-team, multi-flag, multi-round, guard towers, prison moats, escapee rope bridges, water balloon catapults, super soldiers, mercenaries, and more!

Great Garage Sale!

Thank you to everyone who helped support our annual garage fundraiser on Saturday, April 2nd. In the true meaning of Scout Spirit, we couldn’t have done it with all of you. Not only did we successfully raise funds for our Troop, but we also served our community and provided much needed benefits to all. Great work all!