Eagle Scouts

b-eagleOver the years, overĀ 100 Troop 45 Scouts have reached Boy Scouts’ highest rank of Eagle.

It’s a challenging goal — and one that only a small percentage of Scouts attain (7% in 2012).

Reaching Eagle puts one in the company of Presidents, astronauts, Justices of the Supreme Court, generals, sports and entertainment figures, and business, religious and academic leaders.

But, most importantly, the process of rising from Scout to Eagle helps prepare a young man — in mind, body and spirit — to successfully meet the challenges of life. Statistically Eagle Scouts are more likely to succeed in their chosen profession and also more likely to give back to their community as a volunteer later in life (here’s a new study on the subject done at Baylor University).

A recentĀ Wall Street Journal article says Scouts completing Eagle Scout service projects have provided over 100 million man-hours of assistance to communities since their inception, with another 3 million hours provided every years.

** List of Troop 45 Eagle Scouts under construction **